Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday - "Quicksand" by La Roux

I first discovered this song last spring and honestly I fell in love with the Gucci Fall 09 runway because of this song. I was watching the podcasts on my iPod and Gucci Fall 2009 RTW started playing and all of the sudden I heard this up-tempo, electric, amazing runway song in the background. I searched and searched for the song (took me about 2 days) and I finally found it. It was "Quicksand" by La Roux. I have loved La Roux' music since then. I cant get enough. It almost like a drug.

The memories that the song brings back to me from the spring and summer are indescribable.

Enjoy it as much as I do. xx

Here is the Style.Com Video.. It starts in at about 1:07.

Here is La Roux' music video..

Videos courtesy of: YouTube

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