Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Start Off Fresh


The noun (if nouns could be used to describe) that describes my life. Its what I live and breath for, no matter what I tell myself. It will always consume my every moment.

Blogging has been something that I have been doing for quite awhile now and I have decided to jump on the 'fashion bloggers' train. All for fun. I read at least 50 blogs daily - jakandjil - my favorite and they are so inspiring. I look forward to laying awake all night and scrolling thru the endless pages of amateur and mature fashion blogs I follow.

Here will be what I believe the world of fashion to be. It wont be such a "blinders" view on the world of fashion, only covering certain trends, streetshots and such. It will be what I truly love in the fashion industry.

Like I have mentioned before, I cant put a name to my style and taste in trends. Why limit myself to classic, bohemian, trendy, etc? Why would one do that to themselves? I don't get it. Be open. Accept it all and embrace it. It's art. It's someone's vision. It's all timeless, no matter how trendy something may seem at the time. Uhm, harem pants, anyone?!

I am open to the ENTIRE world of fashion, no matter what it is and here I will share that with you.

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